Arts Impact Fund

The Arts Impact Fund is a new £7million initiative set up to demonstrate the potential for social investment in arts.

The Fund invests for artistic, social and financial return. The fund offers repayable finance to arts organisations working in England that can show how they are sustainable, have great artistic ambitions and have a positive impact on society.

The arts play an essential role in our everyday lives, our cultural identity and our economy. They inspire, challenge and educate us.

The arts create opportunity, jobs and valuable income for our communities. And there are shining examples of how arts organisations can touch the lives of people and help tackle some of the most entrenched social problems.

By investing in the arts the Fund supports more organisations to become enterprising and resilient. By focusing on both artistic and social outcomes, this promotes the wider positive impact art has on society and support more organisations to benefit individuals and communities through their work. And by lending to growing and ambitious organisations, this will attract more social investors to the arts to benefit the wider sector.

Depending on what your organisation's needs are, the Fund provides repayable finance between £150,000 and £600,000.

Find out more about the funding available through the Arts Impact Fund.


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