BAE Systems Employer Ownership of Skills Programme

In 2015 BAE Systems will be offering additional opportunities for apprenticeship applicants to work for a selection of approved engineering organisations in the Solent region.

Twenty Advanced Apprenticeship in Engineering placements will be offered to local businesses, including their supply chain, who are looking to recruit candidates to work as electrical and mechanical fitters, welders, fabricators, outfitters, pipe workers and joiners.

Under the programme individuals will join BAE Systems dedicated Skills Development Centre at HM Naval Base Portsmouth where they will spend their first year being trained alongside BAE Systems own apprentices, preparing them for the workplace. They will train in a safe and modern training environment, undertaking essential competency training for their trade in addition to core skills such as team working, IT and project management.

After the first year they will be placed in the selected company for the completion of the apprenticeship, where BAE Systems will provide review services - assessing them in the workplace and providing support throughout their programme.

Companies that are interested in participating in the Employer Ownership Programme should contact Hayley Tod at for more information.

Supporting Local Businesses Recruit and Train Apprentices

BAE Systems has secured funding to support local businesses with the cost of recruiting and training up to 20 apprentices for an Advanced Apprenticeship in Engineering. The apprenticeship is suitable for businesses looking to recruit for engineering and manufacturing skilled positions including electrical and mechanical fitters, welders, fabricators, outfitters, pipe workers and joiners. 

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Employer Ownership of Skills Programme

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