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Better Business for All

Better Business for All (BBfA) brings together businesses and regulators to consider and change how local regulation is delivered and received. It involves the creation of local partnerships to identify the issues facing local businesses and shape the provision of effective support services to them. It gives the businesses in a defined area access to help that is tailored to their needs, making it easier for them to ‘get it right first time'.

BBfA was initially developed in 2011-2012 by the Better Regulation Delivery Office - working with two pathfinder Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) - and is now endorsed by Regulatory Delivery. We support local partnerships, for example by bringing all stakeholders to the table and staging introductory workshops, and manage the toolkit of resources for them, drawing on good practice and material provided by LEPs and regulators. In essence, its elements grow from local activity and benefit from a national perspective, but can then be adopted for use in accordance with local needs.