Big Issue Invest - Social Enterprise Investment Fund LP

Big Issue Invest's Social Enterprise Investment Fund invests in social enterprises based in the UK that meet the following criteria:

  • Clearly identifiable, high value social or environmental impact
  • A robust business model which is either scaleable or replicable
  • A strong management team with proven capability to deliver
  • A history of positive cash generation or a clear near term path to cash and surplus generation
  • Operations based in the UK, although up to 10 per cent of the Fund's capital may be invested in social enterprises which are based in the UK but have operations overseas.

The Fund targets five priority social mission areas:

  • Jobs, Education and Training increased access to education, training and sustainable employment for disadvantaged groups.
  • Health and Social Care innovation and improvement in health and social care services for the vulnerable and people with disabilities.
  • Environment community-driven renewable energy and resource conservation enterprises that create local economic opportunities.
  • Financial Inclusion access to financial services for low-income consumers excluded from mainstream provision.
  • Community Development acquiring, regenerating and developing community owned assets, including land and property, that benefit local people in deprived urban and rural communities.

Each investment by the Fund will be:

  • up to £1.5m
  • structured as a flexible and tailored investment, usually in the form of medium-term debt or quasi-equity repayable, with an appropriate return, through the social enterprise's trading activities
  • Big Issue Invest is actively involved as a strategic partner with investees, typically through Board representation and the provision of business mentors, to help support our investees business development and growth.
  • If your business fits the profile then click here to submit your application.

About the Fund

The investment objective of BII's Social Enterprise Investment Fund LP is to provide growth capital to high impact social enterprises, and financial and social returns to investors.

This fund is a ten-year, closed-ended Limited Partnership able to accept direct investment by qualified investors as Limited Partners (LPs) as well as donations via a Charity LP. The fund closed in March 2013 having raised a total of £9.2 million from 21 investors, including corporates, foundations and high net worth individuals.

Each investment is tailored to ensure that it fits the needs of each particular social enterprise, while also allowing the fund to make a reasonable financial return for investors and to demonstrate the financial viability of social enterprise investing to the wider investment community.