British Bankers Association (BBA)

The BBA is the leading trade association for the UK banking sector with 200 member banks headquartered in over 50 countries with operations in 180 jurisdictions worldwide. Eighty per cent of global systemically important banks are members of the BBA. As the representative of the world's largest international banking cluster the BBA is the voice of UK banking.

BBA represents it's members domestically, in Europe and on the global stage. Their network also includes over 80 of the world's leading financial and professional services organisations. Their members manage more than £7 trillion in UK banking assets, employ nearly half a million individuals nationally, contribute over £60 billion to the UK economy each year and lend over £150 billion to UK businesses.

The BBA supports and promotes policies and initiatives that balance both the interest of banks, and the wider public benefit. Their work is underpinned by three core priorities:

  • Helping customers both consumers and businesses
  • Promoting growth, including supporting the UK as a global financial centre
  • Raising standards both professional and ethical

The BBA corporate and business finance team is at the heart of business and growth policy development. It provides direction on key policy issues affecting all business types from start ups, to SMEs, midcaps and larger firms, including key industrial sectors relevant to the UK economy and banking industry. The work of the team spreads across UK government departments and regions and with the EU.

For more details contact:

Address:  105-108Old Broad St, London EC2N 1EX

Phone:  020 72168800