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Intellectual property and your business

Most successful businesses are built on well managed intangible assets or intellectual property (IP). Aardman® Animation has grown into one of the world's most successful animation companies by registering and licensing their work correctly, McDonald's ® has used their IP to establish franchises across the globe, while Coca Cola's ® secret recipe and trademark logo have stood the test of time and kept their product on the shelves.

For companies like these, the value of their IP - whether it's a trade mark, patent, design, copyright or trade secret - far outweighs the value of their physical assets.

A basic understanding of the law and its principles will ensure you make the most of the mechanisms designed to protect or manage your IP.

Intellectual Property Office

Intellectual Property results from the expression of an idea. So IP might be a brand, an invention, a design, or another intellectual creation. The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) can help you get the right type of protection for your creation or invention with an extensive range of online assessment tools:

IP Health Check

Businesses create and use intellectual property all the time, perhaps without realising it. The value of your IP - whether it's a trade mark, patent, design, copyright or trade secret - can far outweigh the value of your physical assets. Keep ahead of the competition with the IP Health Check. It will help you find out:

  • If you have IP to protect
  • Whether you own it and, if you don't, who does
  • How to protect it, and whether you should
  • How you can exploit it commercially

IP Equip

This e-learning tool helps businesses understand intellectual property rights i.e. trade marks, patents, copyright and designs, by providing free access to business checklists, business guides and a document library.  IP Equip contains 4 short modules and uses case studies to show why intellectual property is important:

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