Did you know

  • The equivalent of 9% of the UK economy (£1 in every £11) is generated in the Business South area.
  • The Business South economy (aggregate of the four LEPs) is twice the size of the Greater Manchester LEP (although still only a third the size of London), and broadly the same size as Portugal's economy?

Business South

Business South is a premier business engagement organisation which unites business leaders to drive economic prosperity, with the aim of making the region a great place to work, invest, study, live and enjoy.

Business South aims is to put businesses in the driving seat and to tell the story of a region that is the best place to do business that offers so much in terms of investment potential, innovation and growth - in short it is a great place to do business, to live and to learn, rest and relax.

Business South organises:

  • Action groups, forums, briefings and round-table discussions
  • Major conferences and events with top speakers
  • Opportunities to connect with business leaders
  • Provides valued communication channels via social media, our publications and website
  • Promotes the region as a great place to do business, live and learn
  • Shares opportunities to work together on major projects

Business South currently operates across the South Central region incorporating Hampshire, Dorset and Isle of Wight reaching along the coast from Bournemouth and Poole in the west to Brighton in the east. Looking north Business South includes Basingstoke and the M3 corridor. The Business South's region is covered by four Local Enterprise Partnerships (Solent, Dorset, Enterprise M3 and Coast to Capital) as well as 43 district authorities.  Business South is proud to promote this region as a great place to do business with wonderful lifestyle opportunities right on the doorstep.

Collaboration is a key word for Business South. Individually businesses can do well but by working together they can achieve so much more and the region as a whole benefits.

Business South supporters are known as Champions and Associates. See more about the membership options available.

By meeting with other Champions on a regular basis and working across the sectors,businesses can broaden their horizons and explore the art of the possible.

Business South has created a way for the business voice andexpertise to be heard through input in the many Action Groups andAlliances. Businesses identify key areasto address, resulting in the establishment of Action Groups and Alliances totackle these challenges:

By developing ideas together through an Action Group, the businesscommunity can address particular issues or better engage with the planningprocess and local government.

Action Groups and Alliances can be area specific or Solent-wide: