Capital on Tap

Capital on Tap offers an innovative lending facility to SME's and suppliers. Their ground-breaking technology directly challenges, re-defines and disrupts traditional banking facilities, helping customers' businesses grow. They are regulated and have full authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for business lending. 

Founded in 2012, they have partnered with over 25,000 businesses across the UK deploying funding facilities of over £100 million to customers ranging from small and micro retailers up to multinational supply chain groups.  

They provide their customers with a lending facility of up to £25,000, enabling smaller retailers to access funds immediately. Customers are rewarded with funding rates as low as 0.79% per month based on repayment behaviour, whilst having access to their funds in minutes. 

Capital on Tap have developed a unique, fully automated Supplier Platform which, addresses 3 key areas of a business helping to increase sales, improve cash flow and reduce costs. Their ground-breaking technology streamlines how you do business with an all-in-one cash flow, underwriting, collections and payment processing solution.