Carbon Trust Green Business Fund

Green Business Fund is an energy efficiency support service for small and medium-sized companies. It provides direct funded support through energy assessments, training workshops,equipment procurement support and up to £10,000 capital contribution towards your energy saving equipment purchase.

Find out more about how the Carbon Trust Green Business Fund can help you:

Energy opportunity assessment

The Carbon Trust are offering energy opportunity assessments to small and medium sized businesses (companies with fewer than 250 employees) to help them identify energy saving opportunities, and to develop a robust business case for the purchase of the appropriate equipment. 

Implementation advice

Implementation advice and equipment procurement support to help you find reputable suppliers who will install appropriately specified equipment for your business needs. Designed to support businesses with a specific energy saving project in mind (e.g. lighting), your organisation can receive up to 5 days of support from a Carbon Trust consultant at no cost to your business. This is available for companies with up to 1,000 employees.  Specific help available includes:

  • A feasibility check
  • Writing performance specifications appropriate for your business
  • Tendering support, including supplier identification and assessment of tenders.

We will help you to find suppliers who can provide detailed quotes and who have been proven to deliver energy saving projects in the past. Read more about how implementation advice can help you.  Implementation advice can also act as a gateway for your business to receive up to £10,000 capital contribution or 15% of the purchase cost of the energy saving equipment.


A series of workshops are planned to help small businesses work out how best to identify the energy saving opportunities available to them. Advisers will be running these workshops with small groups of local businesses (aimed at companies with fewer than 50 employees) to show them how to make the most of this opportunity.  Register for your nearest workshop

A financial contribution towards your energy saving equipment

The Carbon Trust Green Business Fund is offering a capital contribution of 15% of the project cost (up to a max of £10,000) to small and medium sized businesses, who could benefit from financial support when buying energy saving equipment.

This could mean up to £10,000 towards a new lighting system for your warehouse, heating and air conditioning equipment for your offices or a controls system for your factory - to help you rise to the challenge of becoming a greener business.

This support is available for a limited period on a first come, first served basis for small and medium sized businesses (companies with fewer than 250 employees). The minimum total size of the project must be £5,000, and equipment should be purchased from a Green Business Directory supplier, to ensure that your supplier is properly accredited.