Catalyst Finance

Catalyst can offer Selective Invoice Finance (sometimes also known as Single or Spot Invoice Finance) and Commercial Loans that are fast to access, simple to navigate and contract free. It's called 'alternative finance' because instead of going to the big formal banks you come to Catalyst - a one on one team of experienced business professionals. 

The team background is in business, not banking, so they understand the challenges and pressures surrounding cash flow. With Catalyst there are no contracts, set up fees or maintenance costs. Clients like Catalyst because they dictate what they need, when, and can use Catalyst like an overdraft, dipping in and out of their services at any time. 

It can be complicated managing the flow of cash in and out of your business. Especially when you have large orders to deliver, a big bill to pay or seasonal cash requirements. So Catalyst have developed funding options that boost your resources and help you move forward. 

They offer straightforward and fast alternative funding to UK businesses, whether that's Selective Invoice Finance or a Commercial Loan. Hundreds of ambitious UK businesses have chosen Catalyst as the smart alternative to the big banks for their cash flow solutions. Catalyst are totally transparent no set-up, transaction, exit, non-utilisation or hidden fees.