Catapults - technology and innovation centres

Over the last 9 years Innovate UK have built up a network of Catapults. These are technology and innovation centres that bridge the gap between universities and businesses. Catapults help businesses undertake late-stage R&D and commercialise traditional academic research.

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The Catapult centres are a network of world-leading centres designed to transform the UK's capability for innovation in seven specific areas and help drive future economic growth.

The Catapult network are a series of physical centres where the very best of the UK's businesses, scientists and engineers work side by side on late-stage research and development - transforming high potential ideas into new products and services to generate economic growth.

The Catapults network has been established by Innovate UK to support innovation by providing access to expert technical capabilities, equipment, and other resources required to take innovative ideas from concept to reality.

Connecting business and research

Catapults are not-for-profit, independent physical centres which connect businesses with the UK's research and academic communities.

Each Catapult centre specialises in a different area of technology, but all offer a space with the facilities and expertise to enable businesses and researchers to collaboratively solve key problems and develop new products and services on a commercial scale.

Whether a business is in need of a new manufacturing process, a fresh approach to digital rights protection or a new way of balancing energy demands in a future city environment, Catapults will be able to help them.

Turning commercial ideas into reality

The Catapults are transforming the UK's capability for innovation in specific industry areas. They turn commercial ideas into a reality, support businesses to access global growth markets, anchor high value jobs and attract inward investment from globally mobile technology businesses.

Each Catapult is focused on a specific area of technology and expertise with great potential. They bring together the best people in their fields with cutting-edge facilities to develop new products and services.

Meeting the need of growth-hungry businesses

Hundreds of thousands of businesses in the UK are hungry for growth and capable of bringing brilliant new products and services to market.

However only a few have all the resources, expertise, equipment or contacts they need to develop their ideas into new products and services.

The Catapult vision is to bridge the gap between these ambitious businesses and the expertise of the UK's world-class research communities. Catapults exist to:

  • reduce the risk of innovation
  • accelerate the pace of business development
  • create sustainable jobs and growth
  • develop the UK's skills and knowledge base and its global competitiveness

Each Catapult focuses on an area in which the UK has genuine potential to generate growth in strategically important global markets.

Businesses large and small can benefit

Catapult centres are there for all businesses - large and small - looking to undertake late stage research and development and commercialise traditional academic research: