Cathedral Innovation Centre

The Cathedral Innovation Centre comprises a national cause, social enterprise and international charitable trust supporting enterprise through innovative projects.

ENTERPRISE: The Centre creates new jobs by supporting, backing and incubating start-up or growth businesses and by helping small firms in distress. Current ventures in residence include a video games company, a company making arts and crafts designed by ex- servicemen, an upmarket food company, a business that builds links between disabled and able bodied communities, an ethical home furnishings company and many more.

INNOVATION: The Centre has an innovative approach to projects launching it's own initiatives and supporting ventures that address pressing social needs; building enterprises by unlocking the assets, time, skills and networks of every community.

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP:  Ideas should have consequences and transformative impact. Through publications, consultancy, events, debates and education the Centre seeks to enhance enterprise and innovation and contribute to developing a socially responsible generation of managers.

CREATIVE INDUSTRIES: The Centre works right across the creative industries with mentors and staff skills spanning music, festivals, journalism, theatre, food and video games. 

Recent project has included supporting the launch of the Hampshire Festival of the Mind and the St George's Day Festival in Southampton.  The Centre contributes to Portsmouth's Festivities with a major colloquium on creative business and social responsibility.

At Portsmouth Central Library the Centre has worked with the Beneficial Foundation to re-launch the Café as ‘Books and Bites'.  

The Centre is currently developing the UK's first ‘Mental Health Books Festival' and is also working with Baroness Hollins' publishing social enterprise Beyond Words to develop reading, work and arts initiatives for those with learning disabilities.