Centre for Entrepreneurs

The Centre for Entrepreneurs promotes the role of entrepreneurs in creating economic growth and social well-being. It is home to national enterprise campaign, StartUp Britain. 

The Centre is an independent non-profit think tank founded and chaired by Sunday Times columnist and serial entrepreneur Luke Johnson and housed within the Legatum Institute a non-partisan think tank best known for its annual Prosperity Index. 

The Centre researches and communicates the positive impact of entrepreneurs on the economy and society; defends entrepreneurs from over-regulation, unhelpful legislation, over-taxation and monopolistic large firms; and encourages entrepreneurship as a career choice. 

The activities of the Centre are focused on four core areas: 

  • Advocacy: promoting entrepreneurship in the media and with government, 
  • Research and campaigns: especially initiatives that improve the public perception of entrepreneurs as well as encouraging more people to become entrepreneurs, 
  • Thought-leadership: generating white papers, pamphlets, events and articles aimed at the defence and promotion of entrepreneurs, 
  • Resources: providing guidance and support for entrepreneurs. 

The Centre acts as a voice for individual entrepreneurs, big or small, aspiring to grow their businesses.