COBRA – The Complete Business Reference Adviser

COBRA The Complete Business Reference Adviser

COBRA is a comprehensive and continually updated online encyclopaedia and reference resource for business micro-business owners, small firms and new business start ups.

COBRA's databank contains several thousand practical, factual and digestible reports, guides, factsheets and reference resources in a unique repository which includes:

  • Business Opportunity Profiles (BOPs)
  • Business Information Factsheets (BIFs)
  • UK Market Synopses
  • Local Area Profiles

COBRA provides critical business facts, compliance and trading details of hundreds of the most common (and many of the less common) small business trades, sectors and professions and covers:

  • detailed start up guides for over 600 small business trades, sectors and professions
  • details of over 1,600 courses, qualifications and training providers for business start ups, business trades and professions
  • guides to over 1,500 micro finance schemes, local business subsidies, and local business support available around the UK
  • digestible details of over 400 acts, regulations and local trading licenses governing small business trades and professions
  • details of over 1,200 associations, federations and trade organisations providing support and representation to smaller firms
  • signposting to over 1,400 trade-specific publications, events, reports and guides of relevance to smaller firms
  • guides to over 300 small business management subjects in factsheets, checklists & ‘how-to' articles covering marketing, finance, HR/employment, admin, tax, e-commerce etc.

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