Community Action Isle of Wight

Community Action Isle of Wight (CAIW) believes in the strength and ability of island communities, in charitable endeavour, in voluntary action, in not for profit motives.

CAIW exists to support the 1,500 or more voluntary and community organisations that work so hard for the benefit of the Island and its residents. 

CAIW aims to support the maintenance and development of community amenities and services, to help the Island have thriving communities where people get involved, help each other, and have access to the services they need.

CAIW employs 12 staff members, most of who work part time and as many as 80 volunteers at any one time. Working with our large team of volunteers enables them to help communities help themselves, enhances their provision and offers value for money.

CAIW aspire to use a combination of voluntary endeavour and commercial activity to create a sustainable, charitable service that brings long term benefit to local residents.

Through their trading arm Island Community Ventures CAIW offer further services to support communities, create local employment and generate income for their charitable work.