County Councillor Grants

What type of projects / initiatives are covered by the scheme?

Groups and organisations can apply for funding for both revenue (one-off) and minor capital projects. Revenue grants should generally be used to support short term project related costs e.g. a time limited activity group for children. General revenue funding to pay for the running costs of the core service or function of an applicant organisation should only be grant funded after particularly careful consideration of the application and where the Member supporting the grant is satisfied that;

  • The applicant organisation is not statutory body e.g. a Council, a school or a NHS body.
  • The revenue support required is generally regarded as ‘one off'.
  • The applicant organisation has a viable plan to balance its budget in future years.
  • The applicant organisation will remain viable and in existence for the financial year in question.

It is expected that the grants will benefit a wide range of groups/activities: for example, vulnerable children or adults, young people, facilities for older people, community facilities, parish councils (but only for specific projects), schools minor traffic or safety works, local environment projects, and community safety.

How will applications be judged?

Applicants for grants must demonstrate that their project or initiative contributes to one or more of the County Council's Corporate priorities:

  • Hampshire safer and more secure for all The County Council's overarching priority is about developing and supporting stronger, safer communities for all by protecting vulnerable people, maximizing safety in the places we live, helping young people to live positive lives and helping diverse communities to feel secure.
  • Maximising wellbeing - This priority is about maintaining and improving quality of life and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to support themselves, be active in their community and have access to the services they need.
  • Enhancing our quality of place - This priority is all about making the County a good place to be by protecting local distinctiveness and diversity, ensuring excellent facilities, respecting Hampshire's heritage and planning proactively for the future

Who can apply?

Applications can be made by a wide variety of organisations and groups located within the administrative County of Hampshire, but the organisation or group must have a bank account, and (for grants over £5,000) provide a set of accounts and, where relevant, details of the organisation's child/adults safeguarding policy. Applications from religious groups may be considered, but the application must show that the project will bring wider community benefit. Applications from Maintained Schools, Academies, District, Borough or City Council's, National Park Authorities, the Police, the Fire Service and the NHS may also be considered but only when the applicant can demonstrate that the grant will support an additional community benefit and will not be used to supplement the core services or functions of that organisation.

List of organisations that would be generally eligible.