Creative England

England's creatives, innovators and originators make this country's creative economy one of the strongest in the world. Creative England strives to ensure the TV, film, games and creative digital industries thrive and continue to lead the way. 

Creative England fund, connect, mentor, advocate and collaborate at all levels of the industry, from individuals and small independents to large internationals, creating the right conditions for more success. 

Despite the £76.49bn they add to the UK's economy, the creative industries are often undercapitalised, under-skilled and have unequal access to the infrastructure they need to reach their full creative and commercial potential. Creative England works to address these challenges and has already established itself as a significant national organisation; supporting the creative industries in England, creating the right conditions for creative people and companies to thrive and raising the profile of the contribution they make to the growth of the economy.

Over the last two years Creative England has provided talented individuals and creative businesses in games, TV, film and digital media with much needed access to finance, markets; mentoring and business support. And working closely with talent outside London and their regional partners, they have supported the growth and development of key creative clusters to provide a more fertile environment for culture, talent and enterprise to thrive.