Credit4 is a provider of guarantee-backed, flexible lending facilities of between £15,000 and £100,000, for growing SMEs. 

Whether your business requires short term funding for new growth, current business expansion or if your business has an opportunity but is constrained by access to funding, Credit4 could help. Credit4 make borrowing money for your business simple and allow you, the borrower, flexibility in the use of your funding. 

Credit4 entered the alternative finance market to provide innovative, but transparent financing to SMEs who are constrained from realising growth by a lack of finance.  

A Credit4 Facility is a flexible credit line for your business. Upon acceptance, you get the flexibility to draw the funds as and when you need them. This differs from traditional term loans that provide a cash lump sum with set repayments. Unlike other lenders, Credit4 facilities require payment of interest only during the term of the agreement; and you repay the total amount drawn at the end of the agreed term, meaning that your business is not required to make regular payments of principal. The repayment of the amount drawn down at the end of the term is unlike traditional loans, where the principal is repaid gradually over the term.