CrowdBnk is an investment crowdfunding platform that enables you to spread the word about your business and raise funds, both in equity and debt.

CrowdBnk Bootcamp

CrowdBnk help you prepare all required investment documentation, improve your credibility and make your business a fully vetted investment opportunity. 

Platform to connect

CrowdBnk provides you with a platform to reach investors those in your network and beyond so that you can efficiently raise growth capital. 

Power of the crowd

People who are interested in your business will have the opportunity to invest alongside business angels, institutional investors and VCs. Not only can these investors provide you with the growth capital you require, but they can also add additional value to your business through their networks and expertise.

Access to marketing know-how

CrowdBnk gives you communication tools to spread the word about your business and provides guidance on how to connect with a network of investors.

Cost efficient fundraise

CrowdBnk has a performance-related fee structure and gives businesses the opportunity to raise growth capital at a lower cost compared to traditional financial institutions.

Speed and flexibility

CrowdBnk use standardised contracts which enables a business to become investor-ready in only a few weeks.

For more inforamtion contact:

CrowdBnk, 4-5 Bonhill Street, London, EC2A 4BX

020 3289 1494