CSW Group


CSWGroup Limited has been successful in bidding for £2,031,000 European SocialFunding via the Skills Funding Agency to manage a programme of skills delivery acrossthe Solent.

Theproject runs until 31st March 2018 and is targeted to engage 1200SMEs and 1400 adults aged 18+ who are employed within an SME, with deliverytaking place within boundaries of the Solent LEP area.

Theaim of the project is to provide employees with opportunities to develop theskills that will enable them to progress into further education, anapprenticeship, or within work.

Theproject will also support employers, particularly SMEs, to take on and developindividuals to fill roles where there are intermediate, technical and higherlevel skills shortages.

Deliveryis focused on accredited provision at levels 3 and 4 and will supportindividuals to progress onto full qualifications. Delivery is also focused,though not exclusively, on the Solent LEP priority sectors, and offersprofessional training, and leadership and management skills across allsectors.

Theservice will be delivered through a range of local delivery partners including BrockenhurstCollege; Southampton City College; South Downs College; Isle of Wight College; HITTraining; Stone Maiden (trading as Best Training);

Theoutcomes for the project include:

  • 18%of employees progressing to further education
  • 21%of employees progressing to an apprenticeship
  • 25%of employees progressing within work (as evidenced by an increase in salary,duties or promotion)
  • 35%of employees achieving a minimum of 12 credits at L3
  • 21%of employees achieving a minimum of 12 credits at L4
  • 14%of employees progressing onto a full L3 or L4 qualification

For moreinformation, please contact SolentESFProjects@cswgroup.co.uk