Digital South

A knowledge based economy relies on information which will more often than not be the result of some type of digital interaction, be it a website, your smartphone, a podcast or a connected sensor sending data to the cloud.

Digital is pervasive and touches every aspect of our lives. Digital South aims to make the south the best place to live, work and play but from a Digital viewpoint. The digital economy is growing and is integral to the regions future success.

Digital South supports any business that is or uses ‘digital stuff' in the Southern region. These digital business' are diverse and cover every sector from hardware and embedded systems through to gaming, system integrators, data scientists and digital agencies.


  • Skills retention and training - It is essential that the region skills up to take advantage of the digital economy to improve the regions skills balance in favour of technology, advanced manufacturing, engineering (STEM) as the region needs 1/2 million new engineers in the next decade. 
  • Improving the region's digital Infrastructure - including connectivity in our cities and rural communities - ultra fast broadband as well as connectivity on our key transport corridors (roads and rail).
  • Supporting the shift to a circular/sharing economy - as this will be underpinned by data and digital technology.
  • Exploring the costs & benefits of a local Crypto Currency GalaSX - from a citizens, business and government perspective.

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