Eastleigh Borough Council Apprenticeship Grant

If you are thinking about taking on an apprentice, you may be able to get financial support. 

The government has recently introduced a scheme to help employers called the AGE 16 to 24 Grant for Employers. It aims to support businesses, who would not otherwise be in a position to do so, to recruit individuals aged 16 to 24 into employment though the Apprenticeship programme. Employers can be paid ten grants during the lifetime of this initiative. 

Employers must make sure they pay apprentices at least the current minimum wage rate. If an apprentice is 19 or over and past their first year they're entitled to the worker rate for their age. 

Employers may be eligible for a £1,500 apprenticeship grant. 

These grants are available to help small-medium sized employers to recruit a new apprentice aged 16 to 24. Employers can claim support for up to 10 apprentices. The grants are in addition to any training costs for apprentices the employer might get and don't have to be paid back. 

Employers can also apply for funding to cover training costs for apprentices. This is paid directly to the organisation that provides and supports the apprenticeship - in most cases the learning provider. 

The amount depends on their sector and the age of the candidate: 

  • aged 16 to 18 - 100% of cost paid
  • aged 19 to 24 - 50% of cost paid
  • 25 years and older - employers may only get a contribution