Energy Saving Trust

Formed in 1992, Energy Saving Trust is a social enterprise with a charitable Foundation

Through their partnership, the trust offers impartial advice to communities and households on how to reduce carbon emissions, use water more sustainably and save money on energy bills.

The trust works with governments, local authorities, third sector organisations and businesses.

Activities include:

  • delivering or managing government programmes
  • testing low-carbon technology
  • certification and assurance for businesses and consumer goods
  • developing models and tools
  • You can find out more about how the Energy Saving Trust can help your business by clicking on the link below.

The Trust is committed to supporting local businesses working in the energy efficiency sector and helping other businesses improve the efficiency of their operation.  The Trust plays an important role in helping organisations in the field of sustainable energy to access training and funding opportunities and network with like-minded businesses.  Through their support programmes, they help businesses gain the skills and training required to work within the energy efficiency and renewables sector, on both a national and local level.

Whether you're looking to improve efficiency and reduce emissions of your existing fleet, start-up a new fleet or help your staff take action and improve their driving efficiency, the Energy Trust has expert services and consultants available to help.

The Trust's Home Analytics service enables businesses,organisations, local authorities and housing associations to better understand the energy efficiency of homes in their targeted areas.

The Trust has a proven track record of delivering intricate modelling solutions which demonstrate the likely impact of technology use and energy demand at various levels. Their team of experts can provide a range of models to help solve complex problems and address specific business needs.

Expert in-situ monitoring of low-carbon technologies and energy efficiency measures can provide your organisation with invaluable insight to help develop your business offering.

The implementation of smart technology UK-wide requires specialist data and insight in order to plan and deliver installation efficiently. The Trust's knowledge of the UK housing stock is unique in supporting the smart meter roll out by 2020.

The Trust's EMBED data hub collates building energy performance data from a wide range of sources, providing a unique platform for sharing,monitoring and analysing data sets.