EPSRC Grants on the Web

EPSRC Grants on the Web facility which provides information about research and training grants supported by EPSRC.

Where researchers have provided EPSRC with the data for any grant, past or current, Grants on the Web nowdisplays the available information describing the Key Findings as well as a summary of any impact(s), potential use(s) in non-academic contexts, relevant sectors and a URL giving access to more detailed information.

  • Grant Portfolio  Gives information about the most recent peer review panels. Contains information on the current portfolio but with restricted search capability. Allows current EPSRC funding to be searched by research area and topic, industrial relevance (sector), and University.
  • Researcher Search for an individual researcher.
  • Panel Information Displays the details of proposal processing panels. 
  • Quarterly Summaries A summary of proposals by Annual Quarter.
  • GoW Search Search the entire Grants on the Web database; this search includes the Key Findings and Impact Summaries of funded projects, as well as suggested potential use(s) and relevant sectors.
  • Past Grant Portfolio Allows past EPSRC funding to be searched by date range.

Details of the system, as well as definitions of the data and how it is presented, are summarised in the Grants on the Web User Guide.

EPSRC is the main UK government agency for funding research and training in engineering and the physical sciences, investing more than £800 million a year in a broad range of subjects - from mathematics to materials science, and from information technology to structural engineering.  For specific information about the research and training supported by EPSRC, please read their portfolio.

Centres and major investments

Full information on all of EPSRC centres and major investments that provide substantial funding to a number of large research projects and centres in the UK:


Find out about funding opportunities and routes available to support world leading research and training.  Information and guidance on how to apply for EPSRC funding includes:

Working with business

Flexible funding arrangements provide many opportunities for businesses and other organisations to interact with internationally-leading UK universities: