Doing business outside the UK?

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Local to Global – a new guide for first-time exporters

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This Guide provides guidance on finding the right market, getting ready to export and people to speak to. It also includes a First Steps Checklist.

You could be looking for a distributor. You might be thinking about opening an office. You may simply be responding to orders on your website.  If you think that your business has the potential to expand internationally, then make sure you read this guide for first-time exporters - From local to global - How to expand your business overseas.  This guide to exporting gives you tips, advice and examples of how to get your business selling in new overseas markets. 

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Exporting for Growth

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Practical, business-to-business advice and opportunities to UK SMEs seeking to export into new markets

International Trade - the gateway to global markets

If you want to substantially increase revenue, profits and customer base, consider exporting. 

Entering the competitive international trade arena is a great way to expand into new markets and distribution channels. 

The internet has enabled many more British businesses to reach customers all over the world. As well as boosting revenue, exporting lessens the risk of over-reliance on the UK market. 

You can export whether you sell widgets, professional services, technology, engineering, law, architecture and many other things. 

First time export: information and training

Exporting can be a powerful driver of growth and profitability for many businesses. Build up your knowledge and confidence from many free training opportunities and a wealth of advice and information resources. Learn from the practical experiences of others on the online community of UK exporters. Gain on-the-ground insights by attending trade missions.  

Discover resources,training courses and support schemes for businesses starting out in export:  

Grow your export business

Experienced exporters need advice and support just as much as first-timers. Whether it's about expanding your footprint in existing markets, identifying and breaking into new, high-growth ones, or investing in overseas operations and operating regional hubs, there is wide and deep practical expertise to call upon. 

Find advice and support for experienced exporters and find links to further sources of guidance and support: