Enterprise Europe Network

The Enterprise Europe Network helps small business to make the most of the European marketplace. Working through local business organisations, the Network can help you:

You don't know where to start when looking for international partners? 

Don't have the resources to apply for EU funding? 

Have no idea who could finance your business? 

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is here to help to make sure your company benefits from the EU Single Market as much as the big players do.

EEN experts can help you find international business partners, source new technologies and receive EU funding or finance. And they can advise you on issues so diverse as intellectual property, going international, or EU law and standards.

How it works

The EEN brings together business support organisations from more than 50 countries. They are connected through powerful databases and know Europe inside out. What's more, they have been working together for years, some even for decades. You'll be amazed at how well your local Network contact point is connected in Europe, and even beyond.

With close to 600 member organisations the EEN is always close to where your business is based. Whichever Network contact point you get in touch with, EEN will either assist you on the spot or put you in touch with a specialised branch in your region even better placed to serve you.

Let EEN boost your business and explore the full range of free services:

If you have any queries about the service please get in touch by emailing at H.Austin@oxin.co.ukor by calling 07738 106178

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