Bitesize Information

Concise written 'best practice' briefings on a wide range of useful export topics. The Bitesize section of ExportSavvy contains articles detailing 'best practice' methods for a range of issues of interest to people who want to successfully grow their business overseas. Packed with useful, practical tips, checklists and links to give you a single point of access to the fundamentals.  All you have to do is click on your chosen subject area. Each subject is broken down into a number of topics which are clearly explained. From the same page, where appropriate you can access relevant links to explore further or move on to a linked in-depth module.

Explore In-Depth

A series of in-depth fifteen minute interactive modules which challenge you to think it through. Tap into the experiences of other exporters as they tackle key issues.  You can compare 'best practice' with their real-life approaches and work out your own planned way forward. Each module will challenge you with a series of questions about your own business and guide you towards confident conclusions about your next steps.


ExportSavvy is an e-learning website that helps you explore your export potential.

If you are new to export the online tools can help you start your Export Journey. ExportSavvy's Bitesize pages detail all aspects of how to grow your business overseas.


Experienced Exporters might be looking for specific help and require help to organise their ideas.  ExportSavvy's Think it Through section compares 'best practice' with real-life approaches helping you to work out your own planned way forward. Each module will challenge you with a series of questions about your own business and guide you towards confident conclusions about your next steps. Some topics are supported by a short, interactive module including video input from successful exporters.

Explore Your Export Potential

The opening modules help you to explore your export potential:

  • Why Export? - The decision to export proactively is a significant strategic step in the development of your business. It will involve the allocation of time, effort, and other resources, and you will want to justify this before committing. Think through some of the benefits and how they apply to you; there are probably some important ones you haven't thought of.
  • Communicating Your Offer - Your customers buy from you because you offer them something special, but do you really understand what makes you different in the eyes of your customers? What do customers really buy from your company and will it be the same in an overseas market? Think through how you will maximise the attractiveness of your offer and get through some of the barriers.
  • The Road Ahead - International trade is highly rewarding, but as with all business reward comes with an element of risk. Ininternational trade costs can be higher, so it is sensible to think it through:plan ahead and take maximum advantage of the help that is out there advice, help with travel overseas, help with research, help with exhibiting and promoting your business.
  • Your Ideal Market - A critical decision for any small exporter is the selection of a market in which to start. Often the reasons that a company has for selecting a market can be quite arbitrary maybe a chance conversation with a colleague or a holiday resulting in the thought that ‘there may be an opportunity for us here'. However, if you think about it, the selection of a market is too important to be made on a whim. Think through how you will decide where you will look to get the best return for the effort you put in.
  • Setting an Objective - Different people approach the setting of objectives in different ways. For some the approach is to create a very demanding objective and use it to stretch themselves and others to achieve. Others are more comfortable with an objective which they feel can be easily achieved and may be surpassed. In any case, thinking throughan objective allows a picture of the future to grow in your mind and the minds of others what success looks like for you. An effective objective gets you and others thinking about what needs to happen to achieve it and so starts to build the strategies you need to ensure you are successful.
  • Your Resources - The way you use your time in the business is one of the most important factors in your success or otherwise. Taking your business forward into new markets probably offers you some great opportunities. If you are to take advantage of these you will need to give them your time and attention. You will need to think through how the business can continue to manage its UK affairs effectively whilst engaged in new developments. And you will need to think through the financial case for your new venture.


The 'Prepare' section includes the topics of Protecting Your IP, Effective International Communication, Simple Desk Research, Organising Your Ideas, Making a Profit and Resourcing Growth.

Professional Considerations

In the 'Professional' section Legal, Financial and Logistical considerations are introduced.