Forum for Private Business

Giving businesses a voice where it counts

The Forum of Private Business (Forum) has been helping small businesses get their voices heard on the issues that matter to them for 37 years. Find out more about their latest campaigns and research and join the Forum to give your business a voice.

All of the Forum's campaigns and lobbying work is led by what member businesses tell them in their research and regular panels. If you think you're on your own dealing with a problem, the Forum provides a democratic voice for smaller businesses to make decision-makers sit up and listen to your point of view.

Have you got a burning issue you want to have your say on? You can as a member of the Forum!

With a 37 year history as the democratic voice for small businesses, the Forum regularly ask for members views. Every quarter they send members a copy of their Referendum survey, so you can have your say on the issues that matter to you. There are also opportunities to get involved in panels throughout the year.

The Forum uses the results of these surveys to lobby MPs on your behalf and affect real change. The Forum also provides opportunities for you to take your views directly to the people who can make a difference. The Forum has helped thousands of businesses like yours to get their opinions heard by policy-makers, big businesses and banks, and they regularly get members' stories into the media.

About the Forum

The Forum is a not-for-profit business support organisation whose membership is spread throughout the UK and is made up primarily of private companies that employ between 1 and 25 people.  The Forum supports businesses and gives businesses a voice.

The Forum was founded by Stan Mendham OBE in 1977. Stan, a chartered engineer, was frustrated with the way big businesses dominated the commercial world in the UK, increasingly concerned by the lack of understanding of smaller businesses in the economy and dismayed by mounting red tape. After studying member-based organisations for smaller businesses in America and Canada, he decided to create a British equivalent.

Most businesses now join the Forum to protect their business and take advantage of practical business support as well as various money-saving offers. Membership of the Forum starts from £175 per year and includes legal expenses insurance cover, a 24-hour legal and members helpline for support on all business issues and access to exclusive money-saving offers on essentials like utilities, cyber protection, telecoms, card processing, business insurance and purchasing.

The Forum is also recognised as a leading authority on business issues and represents the interests of business owners on numerous consultative bodies. It has been influential in many areas of policy-making, in changing laws that affect these businesses, and continues to campaign vigorously for the fair treatment of private businesses by decision-makers in the UK and the rest of Europe.