Freedman and Partners LLP

Freedman and Partners LLP provide access to a viable alternative to Bank funding to limited companies or limited liability partnership, sponsoring crowd-funded business loans.

Freedman & Partners LLP:

  • is an accredited sponsor on the Thincats Business Loan Network, with 30 years experience of business and property development loan arrangements.
  • assess each loan proposition and, once satisfied, act on behalf of each borrower to sponsor and submit each loan to auction.
  • act very much like an old fashioned relationship Bank Manager except that they are paid by, and act on behalf of, the borrower, not the lenders.
  • value their personal and long term working relationships with clients. Borrowers benefit from their long experience in arranging loan facilities. They bring this expertise to assist in finding solutions to a wide range of funding issues and help the development of each business.

For more information contact:

Service Provider

Freedman & Partners LLP


020 7433 3631



28, Church Row, Hampstead, London, NW3 6UP

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