Equity Finance

Venture Capital

Business Angel Co Investment Fund This £50m Fund invests with syndicates of business angels who are interested in investing in SMEs in qualifying areas of England.

UK Business Angels Association This national trade association represents angel and early stage investment in the UK. The Association represents and connects all those involved in the angel investment market, including early stage VC funds, Banks and also non traditional sources of finance, as well as advisers and intermediaries; policy makers and academics with a view to ensuring a coherent ecosystem for financing the growth of start-up and early stage businesses.

Venture Central This online resource helps entrepreneurs make sense of the investment journey and what it means for your business. Venture Central is provided by the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association.

Great ideas have their own velocity. Once an idea is set in motion and develops momentum, people are drawn to the opportunity of participating in its success.

Equity Based Crowd Funding 

Online crowdfunding raising smaller amounts of money from multiple backers has become an increasingly common solution to Startup Finance because it allows startups to reach out to a large number of potential investors at once. Here are some examples of online crowdfunding that is aimed at SMEs: 

Bank to the Future  This online platform allows everyday people to invest in businesses online starting from as little as £10, and has raised over £1m for UK businesses.

CrowdBnk CrowdBnk matches great ideas with supporters that want to back UK success stories, using the power of the crowd to help launch ideas and fund growth companies. For as little as £10, investors can back a great UK company and feel the thrill of helping build something new.

Crowdcube Crowdcube is a new way to fund start-ups and business expansion by crowdfunding for equity, giving entrepreneurs a platform to connect with people and raise venture capital. By attracting lots of investors who invest smaller amounts of money into a person, company, product or idea you can by pass the traditional ways of raising venture finance. Budding Dragons, family, friends or people with an interest in a business now have an easy way to invest in people and companies that they want to support. People can invest and follow a company's progress and be part of their success.

CrowdMission  CrowdMission is the world's first equity-based crowdfunding platform for social and environmental businesses. The platform challenges conventional sources of business finance, such as banks and venture capitalists, by enabling ordinary people to invest from as little as £10 in exciting new businesses that benefit society. 

Funding Circle Funding Circle makes it possible for people to earn a return on their money by directly lending it to businesses looking for funding. Thousands of individuals and some private organisations, local councils, universities and even the Government are working with Funding Circle to lend money to UK businesses.

Gambitious This online platform connects game development studios in need of funding with a community of international investors, industry veterans and dedicated fans who look to invest in new and exciting projects. Under the Crowd Finance model, development studios can secure funding for their projects by promising potential investors dividends from future revenues. 

Seedrs This online platform helps start-up businesses raise seed capital seamlessly from friends, family, members of their communities and independent investors. 

Unbound is a crowdfunding platform for Creators to pitch their ideas andReaders decide which books get written.