Go2 Business Loans

Go2 is a Peer to Peer Lending Network - a money market place for Southern English businesses.  Go2 provide companies a forum to request loan funding and they give investors an opportunity to lend to them.    

By directly connecting local people and organisations who want to lend with credit checked, established businesses who want to borrow, Go2 is proud to support the local economy. 


Borrowers can register their loan request to access funding from our investors. The costs are set by the market and will depend on your business circumstances. Investors compete to lend you money and the lowest interest rate bids make up your loan. You only accept the loan if the rate suits you. 


The Go2 Business Loans model is based on a simple mantra 'local money for local business'. Join other investors to support local businesses and earn a healthy rate of return on your surplus cash. You can register to find exciting Southern businesses looking for funding.  

Only creditworthy businesses are listed on the Go2 site. Diversify your portfolio by spreading your portfolio to a number of businesses. 

SME's are the lifeblood of the local economy. By lending through Go2 you could be helping those businesses grow. 

About Go2 

The Go2 Business loans offer is what the Financial Conduct Authority calls "Loan based crowd-funding". Go2 is registered with the FCA and complies with their regulatory requirements.  

Go2 place businesses in credit categories, communicate their loan requests to registered investors, and provide a simple mechanism for investors to bid for business loans at a return that they think is right.  

Once the full amount of the loan has been raised, Go2 complete the deal with all the necessary legal documentation, and they arrange to collect the repayments on the investors' behalf and pay it into their account.