BidTrack is an online management tool to help local authorities streamline project and funding activity.

Developed in partnership with a number of key stakeholders, BidTrack promotes a strategic, cross-departmental approach to the entire funding process, making it possible to:

  • Align projects to key objectives, strategies and beneficiaries.
  • Improve efficiency and save staff time by identifying potentially conflicting bids.
  • Use previous experience and best practice to inform future applications.
  • Promote joined-up thinking by identifying common themes and cross-departmental working opportunities.
  • Increase transparency and accountability by introducing an internal approval process for all funding activities.
  • Find additional funding sources using an in-built search tool.

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Grant Finder

GRANTfinder is the UK's leading grants and policy database and includes details in excess of 8,000 funding opportunities.

GF's services include access to: a flexibly searchable database; Newsflash service; deadlines listing; and Research Help Desk. What's more, their information is continuously updated.

GRANTfinder subscribers include: local authorities; the voluntary and charitable sector; universities and colleges; housing associations; the health sector; and business support organisations.

Providing information on over 6,000 initiatives, the GRANTfinder database has continually grown since its inception in 1985. From the European Commission to national UK government programmes, regional and local government, charitable trusts and corporate sponsors, the database covers a diverse range of subject areas.

Users are able to manipulate the data by running a number of different searches, whether they have a specific project in mind or simply want to undertake background research. The information is updated on a constant basis by an in-house team of 13 Researchers and three support staff.

GRANTfinder offers bespoke sites which offer the same breadth of functionality of the generic GRANTfinder site but with the advantages of news, blogs,funding and policy which are tailored specifically to the needs and interests of your sector. 

  • GRANTfinder 4 Community - Tailored for the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector, GRANTfinder 4 Community delivers funding and policy information for organisations carrying out initiatives and supporting local projects, including capital and equipment costs, training and development, helping disadvantaged groups,improving welfare and much more besides.
  • GRANTfinder 4 Education - Ideal for colleges and universities, GRANTfinder 4 Education offers funding and policy information for a wide range of projects beyond research and development, including student welfare initiatives, training for staff, support for spin-off enterprises, community outreach and a host of other activities.
  • GRANTfinder 4 Emergency Services - With police, ambulance and fire and rescue organisations playing an active part in their communities beyond core services provided to the public, GRANTfinder 4 Emergency Services can help them secure funding for projects and activities to help make their areas safer places to live, work and visit.
  • GRANTfinder 4 Health - Featuring targeted information for health sector organisations, GRANTfinder 4 Health can help them identify funding for capital equipment and new build as well as activities including social care, facilities management,professional development and much more.
  • GRANTfinder 4 Housing - With responsibilities bridging the work of the public, private and community sectors, housing associations seek to make accommodation available and affordable for all. GRANTfinder 4 Housing can help them secure funding for a wide variety of projects, including building and refurbishment as well as community empowerment and welfare initiatives.
  • GRANTfinder 4 Local Government - acts as a key tool in helping councils bring much-needed resource into their areas for projects ranging from economic development to community engagement, employment initiatives and European partnerships - supporting the growth of loca businesses, charities and community groups.

About Idox

Idox is a leading specialist in online solutions for private, public and voluntary sector organisations.

Idox are Europe's leading provider of grants and policy information and have been providing support to UK organisations since 1985.

GRANTfinder is a user-friendly funding tool which has helped its users to facilitate the securing of millions of pounds' worth of support.

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