Green Grants Machine

This free access website is designed to help environmentally conscious businesses find appropriate funding to boost their business's bottom line and become more environmentally friendly.

Search through the UK's most comprehensive source of information on grants, loans, awards and other funds available to help businesses go green helping you to improve your environmental performance:

  • Cut waste
  • Slash energy bills
  • Improve productivity
  • Buy energy efficient equipment
  • Generate your own electricity
  • Develop innovative new low carbon products
  • Meet tough environmental regulations

There is significant support out there to help businesses become more environmentally friendly and to improve energy efficiency. Follow these funding tips to improve the quality of your funding applications:

  1. Is your business attractive to potential funders?
  2. Set up a project
  3. Find funding
  4. Is it the right funding opportunity for you?
  5. Really read the guidelines
  6. Mirror funder motivations
  7. Structuring your application
  8. Your writing style
  9. A fresh pair of eyes
  10. Avoiding failure