Green Growth & Eco Innovation

There is a growing "green economy" emerging across the Solent region with many strengths emerging in research and development,environmental technologies, energy, waste and construction. 

The development of a low carbon, green economy in the Solent area will help stimulate sustainable economic growth, create jobs and reduce our carbon footprint. 

The Solent area will become the national leader, internationally recognised for its low carbon, green economy. 

Sustainability will be at the heart of the region's success in generating economic growth, prosperity and improving the quality of life. 

Six things your business can do to love our planet

  1. Encourage sustainable travel: Got a travel scheme at work? Why not reward those who cycle, walk or car share on their commute.
  2. Create a living wall: Adding indoor foliage can improve air quality in what can often be a stale office environment.
  3. Turn it off: Every night, without question, turn all your appliances and equipment off. Not to standby, off. Apart from the fridge.
  4. Cut down packaging: Get rid of elaborate waste. Consider outsourcing your product packaging and switching to a less wasteful supplier.
  5. Stock green: Try to use environmentally products where possible. Take a hard look at what you are currently using - are your products recyclable? Are they harmful to the environment? Avoid non-replenishable materials such as petroleum byproducts and metal.
  6. Think local: Reduce your transport footprint dramatically by converting to local suppliers. Not only is it good for the environment, it also adds a much needed boost to your local economy.