Renewable Energy

Crowd Funding for Renewable Energy Projects

Abundance Abundance links up communities and individuals with Renewable Energy Projects and makes it possible for everyone to share in the benefits of clean energy production. In 2011 Abundance Generation was launched creating the first regulated investment company that revolutionizes the way people invest for their long-term future.

Microgenius is a website you can use to make your community share offer much easier.  Providing a platform to finding opportunities to invest in community-based renewable energy projects, Microgenius was the first ever national platform for community share offers to be easily found. 

Trillion Fund Trillion Fund is a crowd financing platform for renewable energy projects. This group of developers, asset managers, energy experts, technical experts, journalists and campaigners helps people to do something important (but still profitable) with their money and generating more clean energy for us to use.

Offshore wind sector: export help

Guidance for UK companies interested in exporting goods and services to offshore wind markets overseas can be found at