Five partners from Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK & France joined forces to harness the phenomenal tidal power potential, resulting in effective go-to-market solutions and public-private partnerships.  

Thanks to NWE Interreg IVB funding this collaboration will advance tidal energy knowledge and implementation, and share their insights in the tidal community and beyond.

Pro-Tide analyse data, test tidal techniques and build testing facilities:

  • Testing tidal energy technologies - Tidal energy is one of the oldest forms of green, renewable energy. Pro-Tide will identify the best techniques for low dynamic areas.
  • Ensuring low eco impact - Tidal energy plants don't have a visual impact on our surroundings. But is there an impact under water?
  • Finding go to market solutions - Tidal currents are highly predictable. But can tidal energy be cost effective?
  • Developing public-private partnerships - Governments and suppliers need to collaborate to progress.