GreenWise is an independent daily resource and information service supporting UK businesses in the growing green economy.

The GreenWise Green Grants & Funding Guide aims to provide businesses with the latest information on national, regional and local green grants and funding available in the UK, including the Government's £3 billion Green Investment Bank, the £2.6 billion Regional Growth Fund and the private sector operated Green Deal Finance Company.

Early-stage renewable and clean technologies, whether they apply to marine, carbon capture, smart grids or the built environment, can seek funding via bodies such as the Innovate UK and the Energy Technologies Institute.

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Make your own savings

If you're looking to improve and grow your business, making better use of your resources is essential. If you are an SME in Greater Manchester, our resource efficiency programme can offer you specialist advice to help you cut bills and become more profitable. 

However, there are a number of simple no-cost and low-cost actions you can take by yourself. The advice below gives you the knowledge to take things into your own hands and find savings for your business. 


Making your business more energy-efficient is often the easiest way to reduce operational costs because even minor adjustments can bring significant annual savings.  Read more


Most businesses spend far more than they need to on fuel and transport, and as fuel prices continue to rise the pressure to make improvements is growing all the time.  Read more


The purchase of solid, liquid and gaseous raw materials can be one of the most expensive inputs for any business but managing them more efficiently will help you to lower the costs.  Read more


If your business uses large amounts of water then water efficiency will also help you to address the risks associated with periods of water shortage.  Read more


All businesses generate, store, handle and dispose of waste materials. By monitoring the amount and types of waste your business is producing you can reduce your costs significantly.  Read more

Tools & Resources

There are a number of useful tools, resources and funding sources available to help with your resource efficiency planning.  Read more