Hampshire Rural Forum

The Hampshire Rural Forum is an independent stakeholders' organisation with an overview of rural affairs that aims to help Hampshire's rural communities become more efficient and sustainable socially, economically and environmentally.

The Forum is the overarching advisory body for rural matters in Hampshire. The forum was set up in July 2009 and is chaired by Mike Ridout of Hampshire County Council. It advises and informs local authorities and other public sector organisations about rural issues, and adopts an enabling, encouraging, challenging and co-ordinating role.

It works with others to add value to existing work and collate information about relevant work within rural areas of the county.

The Forum engages with rural communities and key regional and Hampshire organisations and partnerships through its members and by electronic networking. An Annual Rural Forum is open to everybody.

Short-term Working Groups advise on specific topics, drawing on the expertise of members and support networks.

A small Steering Group meets to guide the work of the Forum.

For further information, please contact the Forum via: 

email: amanda.hull@hants.gov.uk or

telephone:01962 847165