ICT Innovation Vouchers Scheme

The ICT innovation voucher aims to support micro-enterprises and SMEs to use digital technologies to innovate and increase their competitiveness.

The ICT innovation vouchers' scheme facilitates SMEs' access to digital know-how and technology by giving them the incentive to connect with ICT knowledge and service providers. The aim is to encourage the use of new ICT-based business models.

Micro-enterprises and SMEs benefitting from a voucher can exchange the latter against ICT services, including services from private companies, universities, research centres and other accredited ICT knowledge and service providers. 

The voucher provides the company with easy access to specialist services, such as creating a business website and using it profitably, learning to use e-commerce tools to buy or sell, or adopting more sophisticated ICT tools for internal processes, such as better resource planning, supply chain management, and customer relations management.

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