Industrial Leadership

Horizon 2020 aims to speed up the development of technologies and innovations that will enable competitive growth for European SMEs.

The Industrial Leadership part focuses on three specific objectives:

  • Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies.
  • Access to risk finance
  • And Innovation in SMEs

Access to risk finance and Innovation in SMEs are demand-driven, bottom-up programmes.

The focus on business, especially small and medium-sized enterprise, is visible in the implementation of dedicated schemes, such as the SME instrument or the Fast Track to Innovation programme. Also, a minimum of 20% of the total combined budgets for all specific objectives on societal challenges and the specific objective"Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies" will be devoted to SMEs.

Focus on Key Enabling Technologies (KET)

KETs are defined as micro- and nanoelectronics, photonics, nanotechnology,biotechnology, advanced materials and advanced manufacturing systems. These technologies cut across disciplines and are known to be capital-intensive, but they are crucial to secure the European's industry competitive advantage and growth.

Multi disciplinary projects, including various KETs will be an important part of the Industrial Leadership part of Horizon 2020.

22% of the Horizon 2020 budget will be dedicated to this part, with a large majority(17.6%) being dedicated to Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies.