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Concise guidance that answers key questions when starting a business from home

Start a business from home

It's simple to start a business from home and growing numbers of people are doing it. There are 2.9m home-based businesses in the UK and they contribute £300 billion to the economy.

As part of its long-term economic plan to back businesses, the government has made it even easier to start a business from home.

These are some of the top things you need to know and do when starting a home business.

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Home Business Guide

Explains the process of setting up a business from home and dispels common myths. Covers business essentials like rates, insurance and health and safety considerations.

Planning guidance

Planning permission is not normally required to run a business from home. The local planning authority will determine this on the individual merits of a case.

Small business rates

Check if your home business will be subject to business rates. Generally, you shouldn't have to pay business rates for minor business use of the home.

Small business rate relief scheme

You can get small business rate relief if you only use one property and your property's rateable value is less than £12,000

Health & Safety

The Health and Safety Executive's homeworking guide will help you to check that your home business meets health and safety requirements.

Decide the legal structure of your business

Home business must still decide on the legal structure of your business. Sole traders,business partnerships and individual partners must register for self-assessment with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Register your home business

Private limited companies and Limited Liability Partnership (LLPs) must register with Companies House.

Simpler Income Tax: cash basis

If you are a very small sole trader or partnership and have an income of £81,000 or less,you can use a new cash basis to simplify tax.

Model Tenancy Agreement for private tenants

You should let your landlord know that you are planning to run a business from home and get their consent before doing so. The government has confirmed that social tenants are able to start and run a business from home. If you own a leasehold property you should check your lease for any restrictions.