Invoice Cycle

Invoice Cycle are a group of professionals with backgrounds from some of the largest finance and technology institutions in the world and their mission is to make business financing simpler. 

Invoice Cycle provide loans from £5k - £500k secured by invoices or subscriptions as well as flexible lines of credit. Their invoice backed loans are a quick and efficient way of getting cash into your business when you most need it and their subscription backed loans are perfect for SaaS companies, helping you to realise the value of assets that traditional banks find hard to handle. A flexible facility from Invoice Finance can be used as and when you need and they don't charge any upfront costs. Invoice Finance are willing to look at businesses from across the spectrum of industries and they won't rule out clients for being too small or too young. 

Invoice Cycle make their credit decisions based on common sense factors and their standard rate is 2% per month, with no hidden costs or fees.