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Effective leaders provide clear focused direction so that everyone can achieve their full potential, working towards the common goal.  A clear vision, sense of purpose, and the absolute belief that it can be achieved are the basis of developing the plan that will get you there.

Leadership demands discipline, determination and total commitment.  Much is said about leading by example, as the pace you set, and the way you go about your business will be the benchmark by which others will judge not just you, but also those that you lead. It may seem trite to say 'walk the talk', good leaders maintain the high standards they set for others.

But, is it enough to lead by example?

Strong interpersonal skills are at the core of getting your message across persuasively. Leaders need to understand the key drivers for those they seek to lead, and to be able to see things from the other person's perspective.  Leaders who do this are in a better position to convince their people that ‘want' to do it, rather than being coerced to go with the flow.

Good leaders also know when to let go of the reins and allow their followers to feel sufficiently empowered to ‘go for it'.

Building your people management skills

Strong leadership and management is critical for the success of a business. It drives innovation, unlocks the potential of your workforce and enables you to drive productivity and growth. It's not always easy and it is never quick to build up strength and depth in management capabilities. But the potential gains are clear: improved survival rates, better employee motivation and well-being, and increased profitability and performance.

Funds and programmes are available to help your business build up its skills. Free tools and resources are available to help develop and improve people management skills.

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