LIFE 2014-20

The LIFE 2014-20 programme is the EU's financial instrument for the environment, aiming to contribute to the implementation, updating and development of environmental policy by co-financing projects with European added value.  LIFE 2014-20 funding has six priorities:

  • Nature and biodiversity;
  • Environment and resource efficiency;
  • Environmental governance and information;
  • Climate change mitigation;
  • Climate change adaptation;
  • Climate governance and information.

There are five types of project that LIFE supports:

Traditional projects - may be best-practice, demonstration, pilot or information, awareness and dissemination projects.

Preparatory projects (sub-programme for Environment only, not for Climate Action) these projects address specific needs for the development and implementation of EU environmental or climate policy and legislation.

Integrated projects (sub-programme for Environment, not for Climate Action) these are projects implementing on a large territorial scale (regional, multi-regional, national or trans-national scale) environmental or climate plans or strategies required by specific EU environmental or climate legislation, developed pursuant to other EU acts or developed by Member States'authorities, primarily in the areas of nature (including Natura 2000 network management), water, waste, air and climate change mitigation and adaptation, while ensuring involvement of stakeholders and promoting the coordination with and mobilisation of at least one other relevant EU, national or private funding source.

Technical Assistance projects (sub-programme for Environment, not for Climate Action) these provide, by way of action grants, financial support to help applicants prepare integrated projects.

Capacity Building projects these provide financial support to activities required to build the capacity of Member States, including LIFE national or regional contact points, with a view to enabling Member States to participate more effectively in the LIFE Programme.

In the UK there are National Contact Points who can provide help and advice with project proposals.

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