LoToNo promotes emerging industries in the low carbon sector working with businesses of every size and shape and with a variety of people, from designers to researchers. From their base in Hampshire they collaborate with other European regions to develop opportunities for export helping businesses to:

  • connect with a wide network of expert international resources
  • access and share innovation
  • find low carbon solutions to business challenges
  • improve your environmental standing and shorten supply chains
  • transform business performance by using low carbon thinking

You can be part of LoToNo through:

  • Innovation Labs:  These events focus on tackling single issues such as the use of water or materials or smart technology: how to deal with bulk waste or decommission manufactured items. Invited guests include international businesses, experts, researchers and designers collaborating to develop ideas and solutions.
  • Supply Chain Boot Camps:  Bring together different levels of the supply chain to tackle a common challenge and seek out innovative results.
  • Referrals:  Directly from partners, clusters or networks.
  • Mentoring:  Dedicated mentors work with you over 6-12 months to help develop your low carbon business.

Join LoToNo to access innovation, solve your waste challenges, improve your environmental standing and optimise your supply chain.

For more information:

Telephone: 01752776803

Email: hello@lotono.co.uk