Marine South East

Marine South East supports a wide range of activities to support the strategic growth of the marine sector through consultancy projects, collaborations, European partnerships and strategic projects.

Marine South East has been trading since 2005 as a not-for-profit marine sector organisation interacting with more than 2000 businesses across the marine and maritime sectors. In the past Marine South East has been particularly focused on the South East of England but it is now working actively with other strong UK maritime regions as well as in extensively as Europe and further afield.

Offshore and marine energy

Marine South East has established a portfolio of activities and relationships across this growth market and has worked with a number of prominent organisations.

Maritime resource efficiency

Marine South East has created and coordinated a growing portfolio of projects to prioritise growth needs and facilitate investment in technology and skills.

Ports and marine operations

UK ports and logistics capabilities represent a critical element of transportation infrastructure, and also support a variety of other sectors such as offshore and marine energy.

Skills and workforce development

MSE recognises that most companies face skills gaps and has been working on a portfolio of activities to help address these.

Maritime cluster collaborations

Marine South East has for some time been building informal links with maritime clusters both in the UK and overseas.

Marine Business Collaborations

Marine South East is at the forefront of building and nurturing new business to business collaborations and consortiums to facilitate research, innovation,company expansion and economic growth for the sector.