Marketinvoice help their clients access funds tied up in outstanding invoices, with a fresh approach to invoice factoring. Businesses can sign up, sell an invoice and draw down funds all in the same day. There's no more need to wait 120 days for customers to pay. 

Marketinvoice are a dedicated group of tech-lovers and industry professionals with the common goal of providing fast, flexible finance with a minimum of fuss. To date they have helped businesses trade over £380m invoices to help UK businesses access working capital. 

Marketinvoice help businesses access funds that they are owed, but tied up in long-dated invoices. So they will fund businesses from practically any sector that sells goods or services to to other businesses and takes payment by invoice.  Typically the businesses they fund are businesses that have a number of business clients. 

Funds can be accessed within 24 hours of application and there are no contracts, hidden fees or personal guarantees. 

Marketinvoice are passionate about making the world of business finance more efficient and transparent taking a business-centric approach to developing working capital solutions.