Mint UK

Mint UK is the resource for UK company information. It has four modules: companies, news, industry research and directors and contains:

  • Information on companies and unincorporated businesses throughout the UK
  • Top level financial information with detailed financial information as an option
  • Peer groups and comparisons
  • Graphs of key financials
  • Credit score and rating - with easy-to-interpret illustrations
  • Google maps
  • Company structures and the corporate family
  • Shareholders, subsidiaries and branches
  • News articles from various high profile sources, plus a Web Watch facility to capture 'real time' news
  • M&A activity and rumours
  • Contact information including directors and other key contacts
  • Industry research

About Mint Global

Mint Global has information on 65,000 listed companies and over 100 million individuals across the globe, streamlined for end users.

Mint Global Database helps users to identify prospective business opportunities, explore alternative supplier options, monitor competitors and discover partners.

MINT provides company information solutions that can make you more efficient.

MINT are experts in company information - in particular private company information and company hierarchies. They have both UK company information and international solutions.

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