New Forest RDPE (Leader) Programme

New Forest LEADER

Grant Programmes 2016-2020

As part of the national Rural Development Programme, New Forest LEADER operates in support of business enterprise in the rural parts of New Forest District, southern Test Valley and south Wiltshire.  

Grant funding is available to assist businesses in making capital investments that will lead to the creation of jobs and/or improved productivity and will help to stimulate growth in the wider rural economy. LEADER grant funding can only be awarded in support of the following priority activities:  

  • Increasing farm productivity 
  • Increasing forestry productivity 
  • Developing small rural enterprises 
  • Supporting farm diversification 
  • Boosting rural tourism 
  • Supporting culture & heritage activity 
  • Supporting rural services 

Applications must be approved before the items can be purchased. 

For further information contact:

For information on the eligibility requirements of each grant programme and a map of the eligible New Forest LEADER area visit:

Sally Igra, New Forest LEADER Programme Manager  

New Forest District Council 
Appletree Court 
SO43 7PA 

Tel: 023 8028 5368