Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing

NMBP is part of the Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies Programme for Horizon 2020. This specific NMBP-LEIT Work Programme aims at supporting innovation from its development to its commercialisation.

Research, Development and Innovation in NMBP has a strong impact on societal challenges. Nanotechnologies are part of everyday life, as they are present in electronics, medicine, and transport; they also have a considerable effect on healthcare.

  • Firstly, advanced materials offer integrated solutions that address sustainable development and enhance the value of industrial products and processes.
  • Advanced manufacturing and processing also enable new ways of production that are more sustainable and energy-efficient.
  • Lastly, biotechnology also has sustainability at its main focus; it principally targets sectors like agriculture and forestry which work directly with natural resources.

NMBP are closely related to the KET programme (Key Enabling Technologies),which supports "multi-disciplinary, knowledge and capital-intensive technologies". According to the European Commission, development and innovation in some areas is essential to European Industry. NMBP are part of the domains that could potentially enhance Europe's economy as a global leader.

NMBP topics in Horizon 2020

The Work Programme is comprised of nine topic areas, which cover the innovation chain from medium- to high-level technology readiness.

Calls for Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials and Production:

  • Bridging the gap between nanotechnology research and markets
  • Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials for more effective Healthcare
  • Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials for low-carbon energy technologies and Energy Efficiency
  • Exploiting the cross-sector potential of Nanotechnologies and Advanced materials to drive competitiveness and sustainability
  • Safety of nanotechnology-based applications and support for the development of regulation
  • Addressing generic needs in support of governance, standards, models and structuring in nanotechnology, advanced materials and advanced manufacturing and processing

Calls for Biotechnology:

  • Cutting-edge biotechnologies as future innovation drivers
  • Biotechnology-based industrial processes driving competitiveness and sustainability
  • Innovative and competitive platform technologies

Fast Track to Innovation and Inducement Prizes

NMBP projects are also eligible for the Fast track to Innovation pilot. Additionally, there is a materials-specific Inducement Prize for the reduction of particulate matter air pollution.